Rentals in St. John's NL From $1,000 To $1,500

50 Westport Drive Paradise

$1,250 Month

1 Kestrel Drive, Apt 101 Paradise

$1,400 Month

21 Hercules Place St. John's

$1,500 Month

17 Jeffer's Drive Mount Pearl

$1,200 Month

79 Gloucester St. John's

$1,200 Month

63 Viking Road St. John's

$1,275 Month

16 Truxton Place Mount Pearl

$1,500 Month

152 Empire Avenue St. John's

$1,150 Month

All Properties Require a Rental Application to be filled out and returned to our office. You can download the PDF form below, print it, fill it out and return it via email to  or fax it to 709-738-3970

Rent Application