Rentals in St. John's NL For Less Than $1,000

8(A) Cottonwood Cres

8(A) Cottonwood Cres Mount. Pearl

$750 Month

42 Belvedere St

42 Belvedere St St. John's

$1,000 Month

13(A) Birmingham St

13(A) Birmingham St St. John's

$700 Month

61(A) Chanterelle Dr

61(A) Chanterelle Dr CBS

$850 Month

9 Sedgewick St

9 Sedgewick St Paradise

$1,000 Month

9(A) Ridgemount Street

9(A) Ridgemount Street Goulds

$700 Month

261 Elizabeth Avenue, Room Rental

261 Elizabeth Avenue, Room Rental St. John's

$550 Month

64(A) Trails End Drive

64(A) Trails End Drive Paradise

$650 Month

105(A) Penney Cres

105(A) Penney Cres St. John's

$700 Month

48(A) Burgeo Street

48(A) Burgeo Street St. John's

$700 Month

1 Drake Cres

1 Drake Cres St. John's

$975 Month

7(A) Carlow Place

7(A) Carlow Place St. John's

$750 Month

51(A) Petite Forte Drive

51(A) Petite Forte Drive St. John's

$825 Month

48 Holden Street

48 Holden Street Mount. Pearl

$1,000 Month

134(A) Old Pennywell Rd

134(A) Old Pennywell Rd St. John's

$800 Month

18 Gill place

18 Gill place St. John's

$850 Month

111(A) Brookfield Rd

111(A) Brookfield Rd St. John's

$975 Month

140(B) Gower Street

140(B) Gower Street St. John's

$1,000 Month

90 Hamlyn Rd

90 Hamlyn Rd St. John's

$1,000 Month

249CA- Villa de Suenos

249CA- Villa de Suenos Orlando

$175 Other

All Properties Require a Rental Application to be filled out and returned to our office. You can download the PDF form below, print it, fill it out and return it via email to  or fax it to 709-738-3970

Rental Application