Tired of Renting?

LindseyFor a consultation, contact Lindsey at lindsey@karwood.com.

Are you looking to buy your first home or get back into the real estate market? We can help. As a licensed Realtor, Lindsey can help you find a property that will fit your needs as a new home owner. Not only can we help you find your new home, we can also walk you through the acquisition process. Whether it's finding that starter home or the home of your dreams, Lindsey can help you avoid common pitfalls and help answer common questions not yet asked.

Finding and buying a property is only half the battle, the financing is the other half. Obtaining financing in today's environment is more complex especially if you are putting less than 20 % down. If the property is going to be owner occupied, you can put down as little as 5%, but the bank's scrutiny of your finances becomes more intense. If turned down by a regular institution, we can help recommend other institutions that are less mainstream and perhaps more lenient in their lending criteria or ask us about our new Rent to Own program through Karwood Sales!