Reasons Why Renting Could Be The Better Option

Less Responsibility

When you rent a home or apartment, most of the responsibility is on the owner’s shoulders. You have a roof leak? Call the landlord. Sewer backed up? Call the landlord. If you have any kind of difficulties you may call the landlord and ask them to fix it because they are required to do so, you don’t own it so you don’t have to fix it. However for homeowners, they own it so they have to fix it themselves, why not save your self that hassle and rent.

No Debt

When renting you are at a zero percent chance of facing a foreclosure, why put that much extra stress and headache upon your self by purchasing a house, when some unforeseen accident could occur. Purchasing other things on credit can be pretty difficult, at least until you’ve made many payments on the house and have made them on time.

More Freedom

When you rent a house or apartment, you’ll likely sign a six-month or one-year lease. This means that you’re tied to that place for at least that amount of time. Once the time is up, you can move to another location if you choose, or you can renew your lease, provided the landlord agrees. Have you ever consider that fact that you might have to move because of a new job offering, or maybe your work requires a move? If you are a renter you can just simply move, you don’t have to consider what to do with the house your just purchased, or the mortgage that you still owe.

Renting Is NOT Throwing Your Money Away

Don’t believe the old myth that renting is throwing away your money. Though it is true that you don’t get your money back, you are still getting something in return for spending that money, you are getting a place to live, and someone to take care of all the maintenance and problems that may occur there.

These are just four things that you should think about when considering to rent or to buy a house. In the end it is completely up to what fits your needs, everyone has different needs and requirement that can be full filled differently.